We need Volunteers to come and play with Rohan, to help him in his journey through Autism.

What is a Son-Rise program and what is
involved in becoming a volunteer?


A home based Son-Rise program is founded upon an attitude of love and acceptance. As parents and directors of this program, we have been trained to create a wonderfully nurturing and stimulating environment for our special child, Rohan. We intend to encourage a bonding that can invite him to want to know more and participate with us to an even greater extent.
As a volunteer, you will be trained in the child-centered methods of the Son-Rise program. You can commit to spend 2-4 hours (1-2 sessions) with Rohan on weekly basis. You will follow Rohan's motivations in his Son-Rise room and help him learn to overcome all his challenges. As you become an integral team member in creating this non-judgmental and fun environment, you will become an extended family in Rohan's life, while at the same time recharging your own sense of aliveness and well-being. All principles of Son-Rise program can be extended beyond the Son-Rise room for improved productivity in your daily interactions with family, friends, colleagues as well as strangers while providing you true sense of happiness.

Your volunteer training includes:

  • Specific instructions in methods of Son-Rise program to help Rohan.  
  • Hands on learning while working individually with Rohan.   
  • Regular feedback sessions. These are meant to help you analyze and understand your interactions with Rohan. 
  • Monthly Group meetings/teleconferencing. A key aspect of this program, where we all come together to share our excitement and experiences with Rohan.


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