Rohan has Autism

May 2010: Rohan was 2 years old when he was diagnosed with Autism and a year later with severe Verbal Apraxia . That answered all those questions we have been stressing ourselves with; why wasn't he talking, why was he delayed in walking, didn't play with his toys, wouldn't interact with us or his younger sister and spent whole day watching out the window.

Son-Rise Program

March 2012: After numerous therapies, alternative treatments and stressful 2 years of fainting hope, we found the Son-Rise program. This program is based on a non-judgmental, accepting and loving attitude and we are running this program with the help of our lovely volunteers.


Now, instead of telling Rohan to play the right way we join him lovingly in his activities. He reciprocates back by interacting with us and letting us into his mysteriously wonderful world of Autism. Instead of watching out the window or spinning toys whole day, now Rohan is happier, more attentive, more aware of himself and his surroundings, more willing to interact and play. Rohan has greater motivation to learn and motivation indeed helped him overcome his verbal apraxia challenges and allowed him to be able to verbalize as much as he does now. We are more hopeful than ever and feel the day of our miracle is not too far!.

Treatments and Diet

Rohan is undergoing NAET and Biomedical treatments to help him in his journey through Autism. He requires a special diet which is 2-3 times as expensive as regular foods. We intend to schedule frequent Son-Rise out-reach sessions and plan to take Rohan for Son-Rise intensive program every 1-2 years which will greatly benefit him in accelerating his progress.

Blog: By Ellevogueandme